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Why SAP Concur? And the Cost of Doing Nothing.
When it comes to investing in technology to automate your expense and travel processes– or, better still, to look at seamlessly connecting all three – it’s natural to ask: Why? What’s the benefit? And – whether you’re new to us or an existing customer – how can SAP Concur help me? One way to answer these questions is to look at what might happen if you don’t address these areas of...
Integrated travel and expense management: The benefits of... PREMIUM

Businesses have not always seen a connection between travel and expense (T&E) management. But since the majority of expense line items are a result of business travel, companies are increasingly considering the use of one solution to cover both processes. Download this Whitepaper to find out why and what the benefits are of Integrated T&E Management.

Oxford Economics White Paper PREMIUM
A new Oxford Economics white paper details findings from a global survey of 1,500 finance executives showing what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. The answer? They’re taking a different look at their role in the organization, and they’re increasing efficiency and business performance through spend management. Increasing result by controlling...

The 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey showed that one-third of CIOs from around the world consistently name the cloud in their top 5 priorities for the year, however, how to balance between the security of your ERP infrastructure and the ease and efficiency gained by adopting cloud? This eBook will introduce a shorter and smarter way for your business to get there. 

Financial Leaders Must Embrace T&E Solutions Strategically... PREMIUM

Managing company spending is only getting harder, which is why 73% of companies are actively updating or planning to update their travel and expense management (T&E) solutions within the next six months, according to the survey. Those new solutions, the research says, must be user friendly and business ready.

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Concur Is Now a SAP Company, but Not in a Traditional Way PREMIUM

Mergers and acquisitions in technology often struggle to meet expectations or deliver on promises made. We believe the SAP and Concur relationship is different. If you’re an IT leader evaluating or implementing Concur, download this Gartner report and see what the analyst firm has to say about SAP’s acquisition of Concur.

A checklist for the modern CFO PREMIUM
The digital era has changed modern finance. Today’s modern finance leader needs to not only offer T&E tools employees want to use, but also get big-picture data analytics to successfully improve the bottom line. Discover how you can cut staff time nearly in half – an average of 47% less staff time for processing travel and expense reports, in fact. You...
User Support Desk

Ultimately, the success of your travel and expense management solution is in the hands of your employees and if they do not have the support they need, when they need it, they may abandon the solution.

How Finance leadership pays off: Finance leaders in EMEA... PREMIUM
The business environment in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) is fraught with disruptions. Some, like Brexit and the Mediterranean refugee crisis, are local phenomena. Others, such as the Trump presidency in the U.S. and saber-rattling in North Korea, unsettle the region from afar. Add unexpected crises like the recent ransomware attack on Britain’s National Health Service, and...
Connect to all your spending

IT USED TO BE that your travel agent had a firm grasp on T&E. It was simple, centralized and manageable. Now, your travelers can book directly with travel vendors—and while it’s easier for them, it’s harder to control their spending.

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Efficiency & Productivity

Hear from our customers on how choosing Concur has helped them to gain efficiency and productivity.

Visibility & Cost Control

Hear from our customers on how Concur has helped them to gain both visibility and cost control of their T&E process.

SAP – Concur Integration

Talk to a rep today about SAP software integration with Concur solutions! Learn how the end-to-end, fully automated financial integration between Concur and SAP (SAP ERP / ECC 6.0+, SAP S/4HANA (on perm), and SAP S/4HANA Cloud) enables decision-makers to manage their company's financial spending in real-time effortlessly.


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Metsäliitto Group PREMIUM
Hear from our customers on how choosing Concur has helped them to gain efficiency and productivity.

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The Hidden Costs of T&E: how to manage the expenses you see... PREMIUM
If your travel and expense system can’t capture spending wherever or whenever it happens, you’re not managing all your spending. Automation is only part of the solution, as there are many hidden costs in traditional T&E solutions. This guide provides insight into these travel and expense ‘blind spots,’ to help you manage employee spending in the following...
Six ways to save on travel and expense - Find real... PREMIUM
Financial leaders are always on the lookout for areas to cut costs and improve the bottom line. Inspecting business travel and expenses to uncover inefficiencies can be a very cost-effective way to unlock savings on low-hanging fruit within the business budget.  Read about six ways you can turn inefficient T&E processes and out-of-control costs into real, bottom-line...
Demand more from your travel & expense data PREMIUM
The role of the modern finance leader becomes more complex every day. However, the underlying responsibility remains the same – to manage the bottom line.  Travel and expense spend is the second largest operational cost after payroll, but increasingly complex to manage. Employees are spending money in different ways, they expect a simple user experience and they have more booking...
Driving Business Value through Travel and Expense... PREMIUM
Driving Business Value Through Travel and Expense Management Maturity, a new white paper by IDC sponsored by Concur, demonstrates that there’s more to gain from a travel and expense solution than speeding up the process.  Learn about the value organisations see when they move beyond basic automation:  - 482 percent average three-year return on...
EMEA Analyst Report: GBTA EU Business Traveller Study. PREMIUM

Booking Behaviour: The Business Traveller's Perspective. This Travel Report was created in partnership with GBTA which includes research on business travel in the UK, Germany and France with trends and data points around pre-booking, booking policy and booking behavior.