Hitting Your Sustainability Goals With SAP Concur


In the current climate, navigating the evolution of travel is not easy. The motivations and drivers behind travel are changing, and as corporate travel continues to recover, it's more important than ever to reconsider your sustainability program.

You are invited to our upcoming webinar on Hitting Your Sustainability Goals With SAP Concur - a follow-up to our 9th June session on 'Transforming Your Sustainability Goals Into an Action Plan' during the Travel Industry Summit. This second session has been created specifically to support you in challenging the status quo of travel while providing guidance into exploring new ways of thinking.

We will be joined by SAP Concur's Product Strategy Manager Sylvain Muller, alongside several of SAP Concur's Partners including Thrust Carbon's Mark Corbett, and Andreas Slettvoll from Chooose

Don't miss out on the chance to hear their expert discussion regarding sustainable goal setting and how you can offset, reduce and measure your corporate travel programme to implement sustainability beyond the tick-box exercise into genuine practice.


Andreas Slettvol
Mark Corbett
Helene Goumard
Director of EMEA Solution Consulting Experts
SAP Concur