Achieving Impactful Business Outcomes - Part 3: Strategies to Identify and Control Non-Optimal Spend


All aspects of the spend management process must continually optimise – eliminating inefficient processes, time zappers, and “we’ve always done it that way” procedures, so they will not only operate in a more streamlined way, but fully contribute to the desired business outcomes of your organisation.

The need to streamline business spend processes and gain control over inefficiencies to keep your company moving is now bigger than ever. Before disruption became an everyday reality, corporate spending was changing – and now it’s changing even more. In the past, spending decisions were already spread out across the organisation. But hybrid or remote work models mean transactions are even more decentralised. So now – when cash flow, cost, and budget control are the most critical – it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your spend management program and focus on achieving positive business outcomes.

Join SAP Concur solutions experts Bill Becker, Matthew Ditch & Emily Gosling for this 3-part webinar series focused on achieving impactful business outcomes.
The series will explore the foundations of a strategic spend management program, covering the following topics:

  • Identifying and mitigating blind spots and risks
  • Spending money "wiser" through better insights into business spend (Effectiveness)
  • Achieving improved controls of non-compliant spend (Efficiency)
  • Optimisation of employee experience and productivity
  • Value of a connected platform and partner ecosystem
  • Power of data and actionable insights (single source of reporting)

Session Title:

Best-in-class Spend Management webinar Series - Achieving Impactful Business Outcomes
Part 3: Strategies to Identify and Control Non-Optimal Spend   


  • Bill Becker, Principal Value Consultant
  • Matthew Ditch, Value Engineer
  • Emily Gosling, Compliance Consultant Enterprise EMEA 

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