Duty of Care

Prepare Your Travellers For Their Destination with Neighbourhood Safety Scores from TripIt Pro

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When it comes to business travel, preparation is key. Making sure to remember all necessary devices, cords, notes, appropriate attire—not to mention everything else required for an overnight trip—means travellers already have plenty to worry about. Concur TripLink customers can now take any additional worry off their travellers' minds thanks to Neighbourhood Safety Scores feature, available within TripIt Pro.

Support your travellers with health and safety

As travellers prepare for their next business trip, whenever that might be, a better understanding of the safety of the areas they are visiting will be top of mind. With TripIt Pro, one of the most popular elements of our Concur TripLink offering, they’ll have access to that information—right alongside all their other travel plans and details.

With the Neighbourhood Safety Scores feature, travellers can see safety scores— from 1 to 100, representing low to high risk—for the areas they’ll be visiting. A safety score will be available for where they are staying as well as any meetings, activities, or dinning plans they have scheduled. It will also show how those scores change based on time of day.

Travellers will be able to see scores for overall safety along with scores specific to six other categories:

  • Physical harm: including muggings, drug activity, gang prevalence, and limited police presence
  • Women’s safety: including verbal harassment, physical assault, violence directed against women, and adequacy of women’s support facilities
  • LGBTQ: including likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required
  • Theft: including petty theft, pickpocketing, burglaries, auto theft, and grand theft
  • Political freedoms: including political unrest, limited political rights, and incidents of riots and protests
  • Health and medical: including environmental pollution and contamination, illnesses, regulation of sanitary conditions, and access to medical care

Neighbourhood Safety Scores are provided for 65,000 cities and neighbourhoods, in every country around the world, via a partnership with GeoSure. So, whether a traveller has been to the area before or is traveling someplace new, information will be available to help them stay up to date on the current environment and be better prepared when they arrive. A traveller will need to be using the TripIt app to access this feature.

Neighbourhood Safety Scores is just one of the ways TripIt Pro makes every trip easier fortravellers, and gives companies an easy way to boost travel program satisfaction, gain visibility into outside bookings, and better fulfil duty of care responsibilities.

TripIt Pro is available as part of Concur TripLink, an SAP Concur solution that gives companies visibility into their employees’ travel, regardless of where bookings take place. Learn more here.




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