Simplifying Invoice and Expense Management

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In this webinar you will learn how automating your accounts payable and expense processes can help save 530 hours per finance employee and over £60,000 in cost savings annually.

With a unified view of your spending data, you’ll be able to better control cash flow, protect against fraud, and remove future complexity as you adapt to changing market conditions.

What we cover:

  • What is AP and expense automation and the benefits it will deliver to your business
  • How you can protect your business from fraud and ensure internal compliance
  • How other businesses in the UK have implemented automation and the value they are experiencing.
  • Reclaiming VAT easily and what cost savings you can expect


Event Details:

Duration: 45 Minutes 



Adrian Antony, Solutions Specialist, SAP Concur


“I love that Concur literally does everything for you!”

- SAP Concur user

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“I love that Concur literally does everything for you!”

- SAP Concur user

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